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Importance of Hiring a Help for Your Sex Addict Partner

Are you living with a sex addict and finding it hard to even live with such a person? Fret not; the article is all you need to read. Sex addiction is a kind of a compulsive disorder where the victim uses it as more than a relief or a therapy to escape from any kind of anxiety or pain and disorder. According to the recent survey, there is an approximate of 12 million sex addicts in this country. If your loved one is encountering the aforementioned issues, then you should consult sex therapists GTA.


Sex is one of the essential needs which are required by everyone and our very survival depends on it. Many people get obsessed with such activity, with spending their lives fantasizing about the same. But, there comes a time when this activity gets compulsive in nature. Do you know that this disorder is often referred to as hypersexuality, hypersexual disorder, and nymphomania? It is a state where the people can't control what they are feeling or what they want.

Moreover, in today’s time it is important to recognize a sex addict:

1. He uses sex as a way to escape a problem or a cause

2. It is very difficult for him to form any kind of emotional connections

3. Intense sexual impulses activity

Another thing that needs to be noted here is that the addiction can be of varying degrees and sorts. In many cases, a victim may show a symptom but another person won’t show the above-mentioned symptoms. In some cases, the addictions start when the person starts showing these symptoms in order to get a relief from a problem but then it continues to form a perpetual cycle from where the person finds hard to escape.

When a person gets addicted, his actions become more of a destructive in nature. And to manifest the same he doesn’t consider his partner's feelings as well. Another fact that needs to be noticed is that a sex addict may have different or multiple partners and he never form an emotional connection with even one of them. If you are looking for assistance to eradicate such addiction and want tips for the same, then look no more other then Jacqueline Thibodeau Counselling. It is a renowned counsellor who is a social worker as well as a therapist who is known to offer trauma counselling GTA sessions to the partners of the sex addict.

About Jacqueline Thibodeau Counselling:

Jacqueline Thibodeau Counselling is a trusted when it comes to providing counselling to the Partner of Sex Addict.

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